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How long does it take to get my result?
You will be notified of your result within 16 days.

What methods can I use to pay for my training?
You can pay by phone on PHONE NUMBER, Visa, Mastercard, cheque or bank transfer.

Can I pay on the day?
Yes you can pay on the day but you will not be entitled to the discount and please note that we accept cash only on the day.

What is the cost of examination retake?
If you fail one or more units of the exam, you will have to pay a re-sit fee of £40.

When will I receive my result?

When will I get my certificate?
Certificates will be sent to you via the address provided and are usually dispatched within 6-7 weeks after the completion of the course.

Do I need to receive my certificate before I can apply for my SIA Licence?
No. You can apply for SIA Licence as soon as you have your result.

Q: My name is spelt wrong on the certificate, what do I do?
If your name is spelt wrong on your certificate, please send us a copy of your passport or driver’s license and we will send out a new certificate, this can take over 10 days.

Q: My certificate is lost in the post, what do I do?
A new certificate can be issued for an additional cost of £35.

Q: What do I need to bring along to my training course?
Please bring a form of identification such as your passport or driver’s license as an identity check is required. Please also bring along two passport size photos and two forms of address proof

Q: Will the course material be provided?
Yes, we will provide you with the full course material on a CD, it is recommended that you bring along a laptop computer.

Who is responsible for me having a licence for working?
You, the operative, are responsible for obtaining a licence to work legally within the private security industry. You will be breaking the law if you work without a licence and your employer will be breaking the law if they use unlicensed staff. It is not your employer’s responsibility to get you licensed, but it is their responsibility to ensure that their security staff always have the right licence for the role they ask them to perform

Instructor FAQ
I want to start a career in teaching adults, where do I begin?
To start off your career in teaching the first entry course would be the PTLLS Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

Which qualifications do I need to be able to teach the SIA courses I am interested in, for example Door Supervision?
You must have obtained the PTLLS Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector qualification  and  the 1886 Certificate for Deliverers of Conflict Management Training or equivalent.

What do the numbers (7302, 6302 etc) mean?
The numbers are just the numbering system used by City and Guilds. The current entry level teacher training qualification is the 7302 Certifical in the PTLLS. More information on the courses and numbering system can be found on the City and Guilds website.

Why do I need a Physical Intervention award?
If you desire to teach Physical Intervention Training in the Private Security Industry you will need this qualification.

How long is the Physical Intervention training course?
Three or four days (Level 3 Award)

Does Security Training Solutions ltd offer the Physical Intervention training course?
Yes, we offer this course at our training centres in London

I want individual attention from tutors in the Physical Intervention course, how big are the classes?
Our classes are kept small to allow tutors to provide the attention that candidates require.

How dangerous are the Physical Intervention training classes?
The course only teaches the safest techniques and does not involve any harmful methods such as striking. The training is supervised by the trainers at all times and risk assessment is crucial for the course.

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