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About Us

Security Training Solutions Ltd is an SIA training organisation that specialises in preparing personnel for careers in the security industry. We provide unbeatable service that offers a range of quality SIA training courses to give you the best opportunities for employment.

We pride ourselves on our expert staff and high quality training facilities, which contributes to the guarantee of an SIA Licence once the relevant qualifications have been awarded.

Our Aim
We aim to be the UK’s leading SIA training establishment which provides high quality courses to open up new opportunities as Security Operatives to our clients.

Our Values
We deliver supreme customer service to each and every client which starts from the moment they sign up to Security Training Solutions Ltd to the moment we have found the perfect employment with their new SIA qualifications.

Every step of the way we are there to offer our advice, guidance, motivation and support to make the process of training for a new career as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Our Proficiency
Our skills and abilities go above and beyond our competitors with our highly trained staff to deliver the hand-picked courses for our clients. We set ourselves apart from the rest by having a more personal approach to our services. We don’t want to be seen as just a business, we want to be seen as your friend that encourages you every step of the way. We have the knowledge, skills and facilities to cater your every need but with a personal element that no other competitor can offer.

Our Promise
Once you are on board with Security Training Solutions Ltd and ready to start your training, we are there with you every single step of the way. Our and helpful friendly staff are there for your infinite assistance. We select the best employees for a reason. They want to share their knowledge and skills with you as much as you desire. Whether its picking out the perfect training course for you, some extra guidance on your course, assistance when filling out your SIA License application form or finding your new job in the security industry, we’re happy to help!

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October 2020

On-site Training

If you prefer to receive quality training on your own premises, then we can accommodate you with our in-house training courses. We provide specialist courses that suit your requirements to train your employees on your grounds. More details...

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