Apply for an SIA

Once you have completed the relevant training course you are now eligible to apply for an SIA License. It is a regulatory requirement for employment within the security industry.

As soon as SIA have received your application it can then be processed which takes up to six weeks. SIA will contact you via a written letter to confirm they have received the correctly completed application form. There is a high capacity of applications that undergo processing therefore ensure up to five working days for the checking and scanning to be carried out.

After the application has been reviewed for approval the decision will then be reached whether to grant the license. The decision is written with an explanation and the license will be issued. This license will cover you for a period of three years.

REMEMBER! It is illegal to work in the security industry without an SIA License! To be under employment in the industry without a valid SIA License you will face penalties such as a fine up to £5000 or even six months imprisonment.

The malpractice of training is considered extremely serious and rapid action will be taken to prosecute the offender. This is why training is a crucial part of SIA Licenses which overall is to make sure the employees in the security industry are appropriately equipped to carry out their roles safely and efficiently.

Documents required to support your application and cost
You are required to attach the appropriate documents with your application form when applying for your SIA License. As well as supporting the documentation (click here to view what are the requirements) you need to send a personal photography and the application fee of £220. All documentation will be returned to you however don’t send anything you might need in the near future.

How to apply
Once you have  your course training and been issued your certificates then you are ready to apply for your SIA License.

You can request an application pack from the SIA by phone on 0844 892 1025.

Alternatively you can request online an application form to be posted to you by clicking here.

SIA now provide an e-Fill service which lets you fill in your application form online and either print it off yourself or request that they print it out and post to you. You then sign it and send it back with the required supporting documents and payment. Click here to be taken to their e-Fill application form.

Once you have correctly completed and sent off your application form to the SIA you can track the status of your application by clicking here.

If you need help filling out your application form we have samples we can offer you. Click the image to be taken to the full example.

Our promise
If you have achieved your training through Security raining Solutions Ltd then we promise to provide you with further support throughout your application form process. One out of every ten SIA License applications is refused due to incorrect completion. Our devoted team includes a licensing consultant which will offer you one to one advice and guidance whilst you apply.

If you want to begin your exciting new career in the security industry then start the process now by calling PHONE NUMBER to choose which training course is best suited for you.

October 2020

On-site Training

If you prefer to receive quality training on your own premises, then we can accommodate you with our in-house training courses. We provide specialist courses that suit your requirements to train your employees on your grounds. More details...

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